Design Project

Rijk's Wine Estate & Hotel

The Brief:

This client wanted us to redesign their current website, adding more warmth to the site and showcase the brand and the brand personality better.

Initial work:

  • Strategy and planning for new website in order to decide what the best possible methods were that could be used to achieve the goals of the client.
  • Full website redesign and prototype with a complete new look and feel.
  • Some rounds of changes were done where the client could give their input and we really collaborated on this one.
  • Website development – actual building of the site and bringing a fully functional website to life.
  • The services needed on this website were:
    • Multiple information pages.
    • Online wine shop, where users can make orders and payments online and all relevant information is sent directly to client.
    • Hotel booking system.
    • Restaurant booking system.
    • New Blog page was implemented called “Farm News” 
  • New Strategies were put in place for Google ads and new ads were created to increase website traffic as well as online purchases.

Current work:

Currently, we are still doing work for this client every month. This includes:

  • Monthly newsletters designed and sent out.
  • Management of newsletter systems.
  • Monthly website updates and maintenance.
  • Monthly analyzing of Google ads and reporting, as well as making improvements where needed.
  • Monthly reports of how the overall website is doing including traffic, conversions and thinking of ways to improve if needed.